Saturday, July 25, 2015


Image JFM/excerpt reposted with permission from “Freaky Fairbanks

I’ve now had the distinct honor + privilege to be enshrined as an “older gentleman with the most abnormal transportation.” Hat-tip Tail-slap for what in my humble opinion is my personal highlight of the year... I mean, I'm riding a giant freakin' beaver... HOW COOL IS THAT.

I've also had JFM (aka Jose F. Mojica) Jose’s website linked over on the sidebar for some time now, but what with this most awesome portrayal, it’s time for a feature post.

Atticus approved

In his own words:
“Jeff & Taylor is a comic series about two 14-year-old boys on a misadventure in their hometown of Summerville. Every day they meet strange people (sometimes robots and monsters), getting into strange inconveniences, and sometimes landing into supernatural predicaments.“
Last time we crossed paths was rubbing elbows at adjoining tables for last year's PopCon, now he'll be migrating south this fall to a table in Portland, OR at the 2015 Rose City Comic Con.

He's also an alum of the Cartoon & Comic Arts course, and just so's he doesn't ever forget it, here's the first page from his final as published in Denali-Sized Comics, volume 3, way back in 2007. In all seriousness it's an absolutely stunning example to compare & contrast with his current work - a perfect case-in-point on what happens with perseverance with one's vision... just a jaw-dropping evolution in skill.

So check out the main webcomic feature here, also on Facebook here, and his excellent YouTube channel here. And last but not least, if you're in this neck of the woods come this next First Friday - he'll have an opening!

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