Sunday, July 26, 2015

Edit: "Secrets of the Alaskan Cafe"

   Perversely proud about this panel, as it represented a seminal moment in my illustrious career: it's the first rejection from my current editor who deemed it as exceeding the boundaries of good taste - at least as far as the readership of the family-friendly newspaper. Not here though.
But seriously, it probably was a good call, though one that was debated at length amongst my ad hoc advisory panel: even if I took great pains to not depict any exhaust pipes or leaking oil, it does push the limits on suggestive, if not offensive content. To be sure there will be some who view it as pornographic even if they are cars. Evidently none of my Friends, seeing as how this particular panel received double the normal "likes" compared to the usual nonsense.

   And then there's the fact that it's simply not funny... unless one is peripherally aware of the endless stream of latte-sipping Subie drivers (of which I am amongst) (mochas actually) that descend daily upon Alaskan coffeeshops. In conjunction with the demographics of practical, dependable and efficient car ownership in the Interior, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say I've sat and observed in excess of at least a hundred of this type of vehicle come + go over the duration of any given sketchbook session at my local haunt. Such idle inspiration led to the sneaking suspicion that clandestine activity out back behind the building was the reason for such a disproportionate influx of this particular automotive species. Still no idea where all the damn Toys come from though.

"I just happen to have one of those skill sets that allows me to work in my underwear." - Garry Trudeau

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