Friday, July 24, 2015

Ol' Snaggle-tooth

Quick classroom demo (+ iPhoto filter) on using subtractive technique with charcoal on pre-toned 18x2”4 paper. Working from dark > light is a good, if not unorthodox, exercise in rendering volume using gradients… that and I get to smush student’s faces on the office Xerox. We're doing preparatory in-class assignments in advance of an upcoming critique piece that focuses on the usage of value, and this has always proven to be a popular and peculiarly effective approach to pushing one's values... and not being afraid of the darks!

And while on the subject of charismatic faces, I recently came across this image of Bob Ross from his early days of being stationed at Eielson AFB here in our neck of the woods: quite the contrast from the mass-marketed visage that adorns the merchandise and appears on-screen. Pretty cool to have a visual record,,,

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