Sunday, July 19, 2015

"Moose Sick"

Back in April of this year I surprised the Significant Otter with a date to see the restored re-release of "The Sound of Music" which showed on the big-screen for two nights at our local cinema to commemorate its 50-year anniversary. She was more surprised at the voluntary viewing given that there was no gore, violence, explosions or aliens (though there were some Nazis). Aside from the Lady Gaga inspiration, it wasn't a nostalgia trip, seeing as how I had just been born when it was originally released, but it was a wonderful experiment in seeing just how bad the editing of contemporary films have accelerated timing + pacing, to say nothing of the industry's latest push for frame rate increase. On a practical level it's always good to just slow down and watch, as opposed to bashing one's eyeballs with a blitzkrieg of sound + fury, like so many modern movies. Otherwise I never would have found the time to sketch this scene out during the singing nuns.

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