Thursday, October 13, 2011


Hooray, vectored art is back! Just kidding: it's been almost a year since I swore off doing any art that way anymore. And it's not a clumsy Freehand zombie either, but one of those contemporary Illustrator ones, that can run really fast. Either way the rotten corpse still stinks, and I thoroughly despise wading into one of the most non-intuitive graphics programs ever devised. Mind you, that's spoken as someone who used to rely on firing up in Mac OS 9 so as to use the primitive one-trick pony program of "Streamline," not to mention being a child of Freehand. Now get the hell off my digital lawn.

All this for the sake of cranking out a series of in-class leading up to producing one minicomic using "Illusfrustrator," as the instructor dubbed it.There some tactical advantages to using this graphics program, and vectored art, as it facilitates rapid editing and layout, which is nice to have options when time is of the essence. Posted above are the only elements that were actually drawn for the preliminary art.

Also posted above is the original idea before it underwent 2am revisions and editing. As in, all of the text went away, and the subsequent panel order was changed (though the sample reflects the layout of the minicomic prior to folding). Lastly the minicomic also has a bonus poster, seen below, on the backside. Unfortunately no scratch & sniff, but I'll try and scare scare up a live one for show & tell. 
I do loves me some armadillos!

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