Saturday, August 7, 2010


So the above excerpt is from my bemoaning to a student how clueless I am as to the content of many pieces, like for example the whole Pokemon phenomenon. Years ago when first starting this course at UAF, I thought that one of the side-benefits would be to burnish my street-cred via exposure to what's currently popular and cool. I have long since then given that faint hope up, begrudgingly and curmudgeonly accepting the fact it ain't never gonna happen. Not the first time I've been in a classroom setting and been the odd man out - though to be sure, it is immensely gratifying to be surrounded by a group of other folks who for once won't think me a weirdo because I'm into comics. Which is certainly not to say I'm still immune by any means from contempt and ridicule, as the following example illustrates...

Confronted with such evidence, an astute educator will be able to quickly ascertain the level of impending burn-out ("funny fatigue") before it reaches critical mass. Mainly get the hint that the in-class exercises are seriously infringing on the patience, if not sanity of the students who really wish they could just work on their damn projects. 
Special thanks to both Robin Feinman for leading the workshop, and also to Layla Lawlor for the inspirational show & tell in this class!

"I guess I didn't enjoy drawing very much. It was like homework." - Robert Crumb

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