Monday, June 27, 2011

Catching the Breeze

So during a recent interview by a reporter from a local paper, the "where do you get your ideas" question came up, and well what do you know, as it happened I was just inspired by a trip to the bathroom
No seriously: seems like half the restrooms around here have quite the stench when you walk in - but not from what you'd expect. In my opinion the chemical bouquet warfare of "air-fresheners" is more often than not much worse that anything that would ever come out of anyone's ass. The scent is usually marketed along the lines of something evocative and beautiful like "unicorn farts." And I kid you not, right there on the window ledge was a bottle labeled "Sea Breeze" with the backdrop being... a real harbor. Well, close enough for a cartoon..

"Well, if you can't believe what you read in a comic book, what can you believe?" - Bullwinkle


  1. Hi, Jamie--Reading your blog listening to the sounds of Firesign Theater from your You-Tube link. Good to check in with you here!

    We're having a typical summer in Fairbanks--fires, blue-sky hot days, rain, thunder--that is to say, unpredictable. But no ticks.

    Keep up the good work.


  2. Thanks Cindy - I think I still have that ALBUM in storage (eek). Good to hear from ya and hope to migrate North sooner than later...