Thursday, May 19, 2011

Article: Bar Harbor Times (Updated)

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*Updated with link to story here.
A super-nice article ran in today's edition of the Bar Harbor Times featuring some of my recent LowTide work, along with a great profile from reporter Laurie Schreiber - so extra thanks go out to her for listening to me crack dumb jokes for an hour. This weekly paper has a readership of 6k, and so it'll make for some nice exposure and hopefully result in a gig or two. At least maybe someone will buy this cartoonist a beer cup of coffee when they recognize me from the accompanying photograph. Or not, since I'll probably start to smell funny after a couple weeks of wearing the same outfit that I'm pictured wearing.
And then there's just looking funny...
"Smith is endowed with an expressive face - big eyes that roll and squint, lips that purse and twist, eyebrows that arch and furrow. In conversations, his hands are pretty much always in motion. His almost manic, teenage-boy laugh belies the silver head of hair - "'Arctic blond,' as they call it," he said - of his 40-plus years."
Aside from coming across as a poster-boy candidate for medication, I honesty did forget my age in the heat of the moment. But seriously, a good shout-out to the local public library was included - always a crucial resource in any community. Not to mention since I don't have a formal studio set up yet, being interviewed in such a setting, ensconced by shelves of literature while sitting at an oak table in a leather-upholstered chair, just magnifies the impression of scholarly legitimacy. Which I obviously need all the help I can get...

A very special welcome to any new readers who are stopping by Ink & Snow for the first time: there's a weird (well... slightly weirder than usual) split-personality in effect here as the blog settles in to a different environment. Which ought to make for some amusing, if not slightly schizophrenic material being posted - bookmark/follow along as I attempt to keep one foot up on the tundra and another in a tidepool.


  1. Way to go, Jamie! I'll have to tell my folks to pick up a copy.

  2. Thanx Kim - stay warm up there! Just kidding - just try not to breathe the air, I mean smoke...

  3. Good on you! We loved visiting Bah-Hah-buh:) and also enjoyed nearby Southwest Harbor. What a great spot to "transplant"!