Friday, May 20, 2011

Crustacean Kink

One of the new items available now through the "LowTide" store at Printfection. 

True story: One of the several meetings I scheduled with local editors took place in the big city of Bangor, over coffee at an awesome local bakery (Bagel Central). Funny thing is I neglected to get any idea beforehand what this editor actually looked like. So on an offhand chance I did a quick Google Image search, and was rewarded with many many mug shots of criminals. See, this editor worked a police beat and filed a lot of blotter reports, which were in turn posted on-line which triggered these rather disconcerting search results. Made for a great opening line at any rate. Me, I'm always easy to pick out, as it's a dead, cliched giveaway to stroke a goatee over a sketchbook. Poseur.


Figured I'd make this panel my flagship entry into the Down East market as a debut cartoon, above & beyond what's appeared here on the blog. Not that S&M is all that big a fetish with your average person, but sex sells titillates more than most subject matters, and this seems safe enough while being right on the edge of taste. 


You'll notice in a lot of recent panels how I'm starting to play around with dropping the panel border - burning it out so as to give it a slightly different look. This also opens it up for submission into the magazine market. 
The studio routine is now to spend at least day a week or so with shuffling some wash into the cycle - both watercolor and housework. Still experimenting with technique and still finding finesse elusive, but having fun anyways (seems to be an overarching Philosophy of Art).



  1. Wow. Almost Gordon Caulkins territory. Heh heh heh.

  2. Now I gotta troll through the entire Mighty Wombat archive just to double-check...