Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Youth Technology Team

As part of wrapping up an MFA, while at Acadia this summer I'm basically a hired gun interned Sharpie that will draw on command. One of the random gigs to crop up was a quick t-shirt logo for a Youth Technology Team of volunteers that are charged with melding a digital component into a Park visitor's experience.

The design was from a reference photo taken while on a field trip/tour I sketched out an abstracted profile of the primary group of peaks on the eastern end of Mount Desert Island (L to R: Pemmican, Cadillac/Dorr and Champlain). The initial grouping reminded me of a flock of birds or waves, and the revision posted above uses two contrasting fonts to set off and compliment the organic element (further reduced down to the archetypal image of just a solo Cadillac/Dorr Mountain). They wanted something simple and clean, and would work as just a single color print.

But as it turns out, the whole project got aborted, which was probably a good idea seeing as how a few days later while walking around downtown I caught sight of a dude wearing a tshirt that had a familiar-looking logo on it, albeit from a different perspective. A cursory Google Image search turned up an even better (but in my opinion still arguably different enough) take on the concept, this time for Acadia Senior College. Gee, and here I naively thought coming up with a design based on the single-most iconic aspect of the island would be "original." Almost as futile as drawing lobster gags in Maine.

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