Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Junior Rangers!

"...death awaits you all with nasty, big, pointy teeth"

Follow-up post on this weekend's gig with Chippy, plus here's linkage to the new NPS PDFs of the 2011 "Beaver Log" + "Ranger-led Program" schedule that sport the little fellah.
Maybe a hundred folks stopped by the Sieur de Monts Springs Nature Center: what a great event hosted by the NPS and Wild Gardens of Acadia volunteers - a big thank-you to all the folks who helped put on a really fun opportunity. Even Smokey put in appearance, and this Alaskan was caught without any bear-spray. Actually I had to seriously lay off the (in)appropriate Monty Python and Lt. Frank Drebin quotes.

The weather was great as we scored a lull inbetween the recent rains, and as usual I think I had a wee bit too much fun. As the kids made their way around the dozen or so stations scattered about the grounds and participating in various events, they would earn stamps from the respective tables which all went towards earning an official JR Ranger badge. I was initially under the impression that they had to get stamps from every station (as it turned out only four were required) and so for the first part was making everybody draw a beaver. We had paper, pencils and pens + little drawing boards, and they could make up their own beaver; use the handsome provided model; copy one of mine; or I would assist by doing one on the spot at their elbow. In the meantime, instead of using the official provided stamp, I opted to instead draw one on everybody's checklist, and managed to squirrel away a few spiffy samples from some aspiring artists in return.

Pelted with khaki?

(more samples after the jump)

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