Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"Cockeyed View of Freeze Frame"

In 1994 (back when I still had hair) this profile ran in the Ruralite, which is a 50+ year-old publication that local power utilities across the Pacific NorthWest can adopt and customize with feature articles (6 pages worth) unique to their regional customers. Fairbanks' GVEA distributed the magazine free to all of it's customers, which covered thousands of rural and urban readers. It's the one time a month the wastebaskets at the post office overflow, so this one particular issue I managed to secure a stack of extra copies of. Short of being in the police blotter it ensured some small measure of recognition and exposure, and long-time local writer Kris Capps (who also penned the piece in a previous post) did another great job, especially given what she had to work with.

This officially brings to a close the protracted ramble through the archives covering some of the cartoon classics and miscellany during my early residency in Alaska. Here's hoping some folks enjoyed the history lesson over the past couple months! We'll now return to our irregularly scheduled broadcast of Ink & Snow, updated with all the latest nonsense at least on a weekly basis. I still have a handful of random retrospective highlights fermenting away in draft form to occasionally lard leaven current events with - blasts from the past as it were. In the meantime it's back to the drawing board...

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