Wednesday, February 9, 2011


A series of concept sketches for an upcoming project. What exactly that is, or why, I'm not entirely sure, but all I have to know is that it involves dinosaurs and arctic animals. And really, what other reason do you need besides that?
Maybe collaborate with a scientist (any paleontologists out there?) and do a cool kid's book...


  1. Channel surfing a few weeks ago I caught part of a show (NOVA?) about dinosaurs in the arctic. It dealt with speculation about the survival strategies of creatures more popularly perceived as incapable of functioning outside temperate or tropical zones.

    Oh yeah, here it is:

  2. Re: Colville River sites - that's a great episode. Now I gotta redo 'em all with feathers or fur...

    That and dust off the sketches of motor-home behemoths with small hybrids scurrying around...