Thursday, October 28, 2010

UAF Faculty Show

Just a quick note about the UAF Art Department's annual faculty exhibition that's now up, looks pretty spiffy if I do say so myself. The reception is Thursday, November 11th, and I'll post some details about particular works and their respective creators shortly thereafter. 
Plus look forward to a couple new, upcoming posts in long-winded, agonizing detail about a couple new pieces I framed up for the gig - along with a physical repost of "Reclining Profile" - the third figure drawing posted here (for last January's Digital Art show at the Fairbanks Arts Association/Bear Gallery). Opening up yet another triple-threat front: get work out there in print, in a gallery and on-line for a 3-part art harmony. Rock on!

 “In any creative field - any creative field - you must first understand that you have no value whatsoever. Your work has no value whatsoever. You are completely worthless.
Whatever potential you have is just that - potential … “
- Dave Sim (creator of Cerebus)

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