Sunday, February 11, 2024

"Freshness Packet"

Okay I admit to recently scarfing down a bag of jerky, which is disgusting (and horrible for you), but like a Cracker-Jack box it always has a prize: the little bag of silicon pellets for preserving freshness. And that's often how inspiration is found... at the bottom of a bag (or a bottle).

Also the canny observer might note the differences between the posted examples: this was one of the rare instances I inadvertently drew the same panel twice, and consequently did a digital amalgamation between the two, as the expressions were better on one and the body better on the other.

As an aside this was one of two pieces I submitted to the spring juried art show at the Fairbanks Arts Association's "Food" exhibition. It was accepted and the other one, "Lack Toes" was rejected. Although I didn't get to ask the juror as to why one and not the other, my hunch is the aesthetics of an original watercolor versus a digital print with a more slick, commercial feel, which might be the result of a bias (I oscillate between them myself), but hey 50/50 odds are better than usual.

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