Sunday, March 28, 2021

"Baked Alaska" #25-#28

Join me after the jump for another installment of the monthly feature that flowers inside every issue of The Alaska Cannabist magazine (plus follow 'em on Facebook)... available at finer dispensaries everywhere. 


This one I'm a little proud of only because it's not just a pun on the word "nuggets" but it also is a stealth reference to the weekly feature

I also started getting back into watercoloring some original pen + ink pieces in advance of the holiday season. And it was an excuse to gift a friend toiling away who always remembers to takes care of his artistic buddies. I might not have much money but I'm good for a laugh most days.

A while back when wandering the exhibits at my old stomping grounds I sketched out a concept for a different kind of smokehouse, and wound up experimenting with just scanning it in as it was (a few digital tweaks) in the same manner I sometimes toss a "Nuggets Sketchbook" into the monthly mix, just to liven things up. 

Personally I didn't and still don't care for the switch in aesthetics, so from now on I'll stick with the cartoony coloring style that seems to be an essential attribute of the series.

Now follows a couple panels in a row that didn't have any doodles behind them... they just leaked out the other end of the pen while working on other things. This particular piece - a spiritual successor to the epic "Good Shit" panel from 2019. Bonus in that it also adorns the cover of the 2021 calendar too!

A little note here on the exacting level of painstaking detail that went into the plants here. I forget what they're called.. but do remember spending almost as much time researching them as I have to do whenever rendering believable bud

I sure do like the way some of these look when used for marketing - this screen grab off the Facebook site illustrates the good eye of the publications designer - hat-tip to her for all the awesome endeavors behind the scene.

Lastly here's a few excepted pieces from a wonderful short that ran in the August issue (along with the above-posted "Smokehouse" panel) by Gary Black. He's my Sundays editor who also does double-duty (more like quadruple as do most remaining journalists these days) as a features reporter for both the daily newspaper and this monthly publication also produced in-house. It turned out great and is a side of me that most folks might not have been aware of.

There's a bit more posted Tundra Hippy Comix over here as well, but I'll resist the temptation to blog about what someone else has done a way better job tan I ever could. The one thing I recall about that from our interview was my drawing a correlation between my style of art (a cartoon that isn't exactly realistic but you get the idea) and my style of writing (again, not even remotely skilled but hey you get my point). It's like they're some sort of shorthand, two sides of the same coin. Anyhoo it's a cool article. See you all next installment sometime in the summer.

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