Sunday, February 14, 2021

"Happy Halloween"

Posting this just to rub it in how far I've spun off the wheel when it comes to observance of regularly scheduled things like what season actually is outside, or holidays. Though you can sure bet your sweet arse I dutifully took care of the Significant Otter today.

Also this particular panel earned me some mixed reviews - going strictly by the number of in-person comments from folks that ranged from the usual "that was great by the way," "loved last week's man!" to "what the hell is wrong with you?"

One saving detail was my insistence on it being run as an actual color piece in the paper, even though 99% of the panel is rendered in black & white. The teeny-tiny little dots of red were enough to lead many a viewer along the breadcrumbs to getting it. Of course being an Alaskan helps.


  1. Yeah, the published version was perfect. I 'm not even Alaskan, but I've learned enough -- mostly from your work -- to get the joke right away, and love the regional twist.