Saturday, December 16, 2017


Wrapped up another fantastic season working with the great staff + visitors down at the Morris Thompson Center: cheers to the fabulous folks at FAPLIC, Explore Fairbanks, Denakkanaaga, Alaska Geographic & TCCMaasee’

This evolved from one of the many doodles done while working the counter: inspiration comes from all sorts of random directions and can hit at any time, and constant exposure to folks from all over the country and visitors from around the world are a never-ending source of ideas. But the very best ones always seem to come from the locals right here at home.

As a cartoonist with a weekly feature I'm well acquainted with resisting the constant self-constraint of sitting on a good joke until after it's been published. But it was still a temptation not to drop this image taken early on in the year - on my first day of the season in fact. Though it was funny enough to see my co-worker's expressions when A) I showed up looking like a bear recently emerged from hibernation and then B) returned from lunch freshly molted.

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