Sunday, December 17, 2017


Okay this one definitely fell under the category of "Why didn't I ever think of this one before?" But what's obvious to me doesn't always translate into reality, or at least enough for the average reader to get. But I did bounce this one off enough numerous innocent bystanders ie ad-hoc editorial review committees for it to make the cut. On a side-note, as of late I've really been enjoying previewing my cartoons out in meatspace, as watching folks work their way to the "a-ha" moment is worth the price of admission. As in, the admission one makes every so often that you need to go back to the drawing board.

As usual these days, a slight modification between the published print version and the original, which after scanning the line art, was hit up with a simple wash in the sketchbook. Far from being a waste of time - though it involves doing the same idea over and over as doodle, a pencil, an ink, a digital image and a wash - such deviations in the process serve as A) a value study which in turn better help the digital shading (or vice-versa) and B) enhances the aesthetic of the original pen + ink piece in the event of it's sale.

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