Sunday, November 1, 2020


Bears repeating. This is a recent editorial panel that ran in the paper which was slightly different in that it wasn't partisan nor personal - distinctly at odds with the usual political diatribes. This especially during an election cycle, and aggravated by the bitter, ugly and violent rhetoric that divides Americans even more.

Most cartoonists – excepting editorial - are pressured to just entertain, and not get political, partisan or personal, but we don’t have that luxury anymore. Hence the recent urgent opinion piece posted here a few weeks back.



  1. The link to the opinion piece and to the local perspective panel both took me to my own blogger dashboard. Weird. You might wan tot check them.

    1. Yeah that was odd - all three of the links bounced back to my own Blogger site. Gonna log out and see if that is on other posts/links... thanks for the heads-up.