Sunday, November 22, 2020

Legislative Citation

So this happened earlier in the week: 

“The Thirty-First Alaska State Legislature extends its sincere congratulations to a truly exceptionally gifted Alaskan artist… and commends him for taking the time to give a dam.”

One of  handful of super-humbling hat-tips I've been really grateful to get in my career. Thanks so much to Representatives Grier Hopkins and co-sponsor Adam Wool, and especially Tania Clucas for the accolades and support - it means a lot. Also it looks like I'll accept the kind offer from the outstanding folks at the Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce to just hit the repeat button and roll over into bonus overtime as an extended Artist of the Year.

This was exceptionally generous since all the gigs offered as part of the package were canceled on account of COVID-19. Likewise for the honor of being the poster artist for the fair.

"Thanks for all you do for the arts, arts education and most importantly sharing the majesty of the work of the beaver. Your achievements are a credit to your hard work, dedication, skills and commitment to doing the best. I'm optimistic about Alaska's future because we have strong and skilled people in our community, especially ones who can make us laugh during crying times." - Rep. Hopkins, House District 4

So far 2021 looks to be one of the better reboots ever made... I can't wait. In the meantime I'm takin' the weekend off: be safe everyone.

Update: Yeah sure, an official Legislative Citation is cool and all, and what a wonderful surprise to be on the front page of the freakin' newspaper and all, but let me tell ya when Sourdough Jack name drops you - now that's on-trend.


  1. Wow and wow and many more wows. And I can say that I know you... sort of. What a dam lucky break that I went to cartoon camp when I did.

    1. Hey thanks - you knew me when (insert laughing beaver emoji)

  2. Well deserved, Jamie. I still love the wedding announcement you made for Eric and me many years ago! Keep on making us laugh!!

    1. Thank you! Now save that 'cause it's now gotta be worth at least over twenty bucks (hugs to that fella of yours)