Sunday, June 9, 2019

"Turn White"

I frequently project empathetic scenarios to test my personal white fragility, and the results can be very amusing - and instructive if you don't get your feelings hurt. Punching up (or in this case, over) for comedic effect is a very potent mudra, as it's an artist's - especially a cartoonist- basic job requirement to be able to laugh at yourself, even if it's over something serious. There's no shortage of inspiration and examples, to say nothing of my own behavior - I frequently learn a little bit about myself with every image I create.
Toyota Prius, Pinot Grigio, Macbook, Dasani water, catbed, meditation mat, yoga pants (+ anatomically impossible pose) bigscreen tv, hi-fi stereo, snowboard, cappuccino, man-bun, hipster eyewear, FOX cooking show, bingeable shows on DVD

Here's a grab of a tiny area of detail on the text of the DVD spines that I caught myself scaled down to a 3-pixel wide pencil to cleanup after the scan.  This is something I commonly admonish students working on tablets (“pull out… PULL OUT”) who get sucked into a black hole of obsessive attention to detail that nobody will ever see, much less care about. But then again, we wouldn't be drawing these damn things to begin with if such things didn't concern us.

I actually got to demo this out for Beginning Drawing as an case-in-point/real life example of the Inter Space critique assignment. The fundamental principles of linear perspective and arranging the visual elements (composition) upon the stage can be easily applied in this instance... for a detailed breakdown of the process see this post and accompanying video.

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