Sunday, June 2, 2019


It's always a matter of perspective. Linear that is. A few shifts occurred between the original doodle and the finished print version, namely switching from all outside scenario to the observers being instead safely ensconced within their home. Also an opening in the production calendar also necessitated a change of season as well.

Here's a swatch that shows how utterly crappy the original inked page was that required twice the normal amount of time (so approx. an hour) to digitally clean up after scanning. Why you ask? Because even yours truly can fall victim to the amateur's trap of erasing before the ink is dry. Instead of the usual workflow I had a pileup of material to crank out on deadline, and even after using a heat gun I still managed to smear it all over.

I did get a chance to demo this composition out as a quick example of arranging visual elements on a picture plane outside, as opposed to an interior stage. Still all the same "rules" apply - it's just a bigger playing field to move the actors and props about.


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