Sunday, June 16, 2019

"Cache Me Outside"

Update: This one is sooo goddamned stupid I never even submitted it. Usually it's a good idea to stay outside the mainstream when it comes to topical material, especially one that's connected to current events and even more so if it's attached to the ephemeral and fleeting foibles from the world of Hollywood stars. Sometimes it's like a laboratory experiment where I watch what passes for fame and celebrity... it's a strange feeling like falling under the hypnotic spell of an entrancing mirage.

It's a sublime relief to read over the headlines of any gossip rag, like for example the PuffHo, and not recognize 90% of the names, or in the case of the Kardashians for example, really know anything at all as to why on earth anybody would. That's not being elitist, it's just a side-effect after not having or watching network tv now for decades. Whenever you accidentally catch something it's like you're an alien visiting some weird planet where what's actually important is ignored in favor of lies. It really puts things into their proper context: who honestly, really gives a flying fuck about the lives of these people? Why should anybody care?

That's entertainment

And yeah I know, bonus points on irony for all this coming from both a consumer and producer of entertainment that just takes other forms in mass media. I mean, who the hell reads comics, right?

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