Sunday, September 16, 2018


Been over five years since my last Jewish joke... hopefully the underling phrase is familiar enough to the general populace to get the gag. At least I know most folks up in this neck of the woods are more than familiar with the absolutely staggering explosion of vetch that has blanketed the hillsides of the Interior. This highly invasive weed is proliferating at an incredible rate, and is slowly strangling out other species.

Somewhere buried in my studio is a pencil sketch or at least a doodle from a couplefew years back that I did of this same concept, but using birds (apropos given the name "bird vetch") instead of moose. But I couldn't find it when I needed to, and so now this variation will do. Astute readers will note the judicious editing of language even further than the usual symbolic shorthand for cartoon cursing.

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