Sunday, September 9, 2018

"King Crab"

Way back when I was a waiter, one of the restaurants I worked at had "All You Can Eat Dungeness Crab" on the menu. Which was more often not, was pretty much a recipe for disaster as far cleanup was concerned.

Ivory Jacks Alaska Surf + Turf

The radius of shell shrapnel and oil slick (many a time I wished not just for the requisite bib but also for deploying an accompanying containment boom to control the gobs of melted butter) would exponentially expand in direct proportion to the eater's enthusiasm. It's probably the most primal eating experience, with a real gonzo gustatory gusto, short of eating something raw.

Dungies might not be as huge as the photogenic King crab, but they tend to be a bit sweeter. Same goes for Alaska baby bay scallops, which are another culinary icon of seafood. It's all good, especially slathered with butter.

A couple pounds of the side-dish @ Alaska Salmon Bake

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