Saturday, August 26, 2017

Total Eclipse + Blue Dress

Got to catch a few minutes of the sun being eclipsed with some excited coworkers and visitors when the cloud cover parted just enough to see about a quarter of it going under the shadow of the moon. Alaskans can look forward to a total lunar eclipse on January 31st, when our state will be the only one where it's visible (as opposed to our limited viewpoint up here for the solar eclipse).

According to the mythology of many ancient cultures, during an eclipse the sun is supposedly consumed by an insatiable monster. Or the Vikings believed that Fenrir will swallow the sun as a prelude to Ragnarök. No worries.

As usual the actions of the *pOTUS, well, trumped any satire that anyone could possibly imagine. Even his own attempts at humorous rebuttals were sadly undermined by science.

After the daily barrage of incessant embarrassments and outrage fatigue sets in, all we can do, besides speaking out against the sad state of affairs, is point and laugh. Remember when? Ahh... those were the good ol' days, when just one lie (as opposed to over a grand so far) would swamp a presidency?

Well now the current occupant - using that term loosely - of the White House is learning some harsh political lessons when it comes to strange bedfellows. Not that there is anything at all that he could do to sway the opinion of his enablers in office, or it seems least of all, his base.

Lastly, I was recently struck by the disturbing + uncanny similarities in body posturing as seen in particular during the latest unhinged and dangerous rant most of his public appearances. It recalled a segment of a Mussolini speech used by Woody Allen in his 1989 masterpiece Crimes and Misdemeanors. That in turn connected another dot when it comes to the coif: look no further than the eighties and the infamous style of the new wave synth pop band A Flock of Seagulls.
Now it all makes sense.

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