Sunday, August 27, 2017

"JR's First Subsistence"

What with all of the recent fishing gags you'd naturally assume I'm an angler. Far from it - along with hunting I have absolutely no inclination to engage in these sorts of traditional outdoor recreations. Now I used to love fishing, but it was the complete opposite experience of what most folks think of when you envision it up here in Alaska. Ain't much excitement or adventure involved with carp or catfish, which were the main two species I grew up catching 90% of the time. I daresay there's a correlation between such (in)activity and quality time spent mulling over ideas. And, to paraphrase a variation on the old adage, there's no end of ideas and inspiration out there, just have to get your line wet. Even if nothing bites it's no waste of time either.

Local flavor: Pondering subcutaneous whale fat + inspirational affirmations while studying regional graffiti in the stall of a public restroom.

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