Sunday, August 20, 2017

"Big Butterflies"

Man did I almost give up on this. Shelved it many, many times, as it was such a mess and wasn't quite ready to do a redraw. Somewhat salvaged it digitally, as can be seen by comparing & contrasting the two versions posted here. Can't find the damn doodle if there ever was one, but did manage to scan in the wash demo- most of it anyways. Enough so's you get the idea as far as how much wound up being tweaked: height of figures and angle of car, hat, net handle and mesh, verbage and balloon. When all was said & done, or drawn, the print variation I think wound up looking worse than the original. But you know what? What's important to me, especially little details in the craftsmanship, doesn't really matter when it comes down to the ultimate point of the picture. I've spent ten times the amount of time on a lavish illustration which eclipses the dumass gag, in fact, sometimes suffocates it.

Along with plug-ins, these are another facet of Interior lifestyle that don't cause residents to look twice at the vehicles with ginormous nets strapped to them, which heralds the onset of dipnetting season. Never been, probably never will, as the concept of combat fishing had about as much appeal to me as going to concerts and dealing with an overwhelming crush of humanity. That said, I will shove people out of the way at the seafood department at the grocery store when King crab goes on sale.

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