Friday, July 6, 2012

"Seasonal Migrations"

   At least they don't litter the place up. With their decaying corpses I mean.
   The subsistence aspect of Alaskan salmon fishing translates into a seasonal opening that is a ritual for hordes of urbanized weekend warriors. Then there's combat fishing - the outdoorsman version of Black Friday sale mobs, quite the contrast with my adolescent memories of the hours of solitude in the swampy marshlands of WNY while fishing for carp. In this way I have a degree of empathy with hunters who aren't so much into the "sport" of just simply shooting something, it's an opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy some peace & quiet.

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  1. Right now we're dealing with the seasonal influx of second-homers, long-term vacationers, weekenders and day-trippers. I liken it to a caribou hunt: the herd comes through and you nab as many as you can, because when they move in you don't see them again until the next migration.