Saturday, October 15, 2016

Fairbanks Sketchers VI/VII: Arctic Bowl + Clay Street Cemetary

   Do you see what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps? Here's a digitally enhanced version of my sole contribution to the evening's activities at one of the Fairbanks Sketchers group meetings I was able to attend this season.
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   And I broke the damn rules again as far as failing to do a finished piece on-site. I barely managed to do one composite sketch in pencil, which I took home and inked. Still wasn't terribly thrilled with it, and went ahead and colored it in with some wash pencils. Then it got scanned and tweaked with some filters and cut shadows for more contrast + depth. Compared with the raw page (pictured below) it's at least a somewhat bland illustration for bowling now.

     For once I also managed to spend the majority of the time socializing, which is different for since I'm usually the guy either outside in the parking lot on his own or with my sketchbook blinders on, busy, you know, actually drawing. Anyways, I really wasn't fully engaged after a long day of drawing at home all morning, and then teaching drawing in the afternoon. You could say I was feeling a bit drawn out. So that explained the White Russians, jumbo hotdogs, and playing Prince on the jukebox. 

   Seems I already hang out an awful lot in bowling alleys for a non-player, from grad school days, cartooning classes for a storyboard exercise, and the semesterly drills for linear perspective in beginning drawing. There were some super friendly people working at the establishment, and I met some new artists (after six months there always seems to be new people dropping in to check out the group) and we had some really good conversations and connections.

   For more information on our outings + escapades see my previous post here including more backlinks. Speaking of, here's a link to our Facebook page which will host any posts about upcoming venues + samples of work by other, more serious (and talented) attendees. There's also our Flickr page, and I've set up a my own personal Flickr page for my own work, in tangent with the usual Google+ webfolio for the sketches done while on our outings.

Urban Sketchers blog

The Stranger: I like your style, Dude.
The Dude: Well, I dig your style too, man. Got the whole cowboy thing goin'.
The Stranger: Thankee.

   The absolute best part was not only the bartender knowing EXACTLY the reference when I ordered a “Caucasian,” but apologizing for not having any Sarsaparilla. Dudeism level: Dudeist Priest.

Also at the tail end of the season - at least for drawing on locations that are outside - we checked out the Clay Street Cemetery in downtown Fairbanks. A very cold + gray scene greeted the few of us who were brave enough to rough it.

I penciled out a remix from several points of view, and mashed up elements sampled from strolling about the grounds. What really caught my eye was a mass of mushrooms spilling from within a cradle of birch trunks, plus the wrought iron gates and a few weathered tombstones.

A wash awash w/Tullamore DEW

Next week, Thursday October 20th we'll be meeting up at yet another place listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Chena Pumphouse. Check out our Facebook event page for more info here.

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