Sunday, October 16, 2016

"Peabrain" (aka Tundra Chicken)

Chicken as in both playing in the road + a slang term for the ubiquitous state symbol. Prompted by an afternoon visit to the cabin by a pair that scared me almost as much as they were startled by my taking a leak off the porch.

There was an interesting sequence of events surrounding the somewhat surreal experience of sitting in a cafe and querying acquaintances on the technicalities of of relative brain sizes.
You'll note the succession of crossed-out options when the analogous size of the brain evolved from the initial walnut, to a peanut (there was also a lentil phases that was debated) until arriving at a consensus. Just proved on how weirdly wonderful random sets of strangers experiences can be as it turned out a surprising number of folks had actual firsthand knowledge of just how big a birdbrain is.

Or even lentils, come to think of it. After debating the finer points of ornithological anatomy I was left to ponder how only in Alaska would a random survey would yield such relevant insights.
I also had to slightly tweak the composition so as to better imply the sense of directional travel, instead of just looking at the impending vehicle. Another example of what's obvious to me not necessarily translating into reality, or simpler, more effective visual communication. Above and beyond that, it's relying completely on the resident familiarity of just how dim-witted these critters can be, as most Alaskans will relate at some point to driving through a gauntlet of ptarmigan speed-bumps.


  1. Twenty years ago I lived in Rosie Creek, at the end of Cripple Creek Road. Not infrequently, I'd see grouse sitting in the middle of the gravel road, probably thinking they were well-camouflaged. There they would sit while I drove by and often I wondered if I could hunt for them by just stopping my car, opening the door, and stepping on one.

    1. Yeah I always love that trick: "Don't make a move and we'll just blend right in"