Saturday, October 29, 2011

"Deady Bear"

Here's a five-page piece (+ two accompanying illustrations) done for a class assignment that keyed off of using specific reference sketches done while on field trips. By far one of the better exercises I ever learned from was taught in Professor David Gildersleeve's classes, who really pushed the field-trips. This had a long-lasting effect in the way I in turn taught my own classes, as it's simply the best way forge the links between observation and imagination, not to mention getting out the classroom, and putting practical experiences to work while in the field, as opposed to an abstracted, academic exercise. For example there would be a scene in the script that would call for a particular setting, in this case Bonaventure Cemetery (not to mention a bowling alley), and we would all dutifully research the required material PBR so as to incorporate our respective impressions into our pieces.
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