Saturday, December 19, 2015

Gone to the Dogs: Fuzzy Models II + Gimmee Shelter

“Draw me like one of your French poodles”
Woof! Wonderful special visit to the drawing studio for my advanced class from some fabulous four-legged models… a really big thanks to the boys from TOPAD/The Other Paw Assistance Dogs for posing! They had previously come to the UAF Art department before, and it's always a good opportunity for not only learning about what service animals are and do, but also to sneak in some snuggles + smooches.

Afterwards we also went on a field trip back to the Borough Animal Shelter so as to sketch some from a variety of species, the majority of which were dogs. As luck would have it our visit was timed to the daily exercise session when volunteers took everybody out to the yard for a little afternoon romp and roll in the snow, which meant there was quite a cacophony of excited barking for a background noise.

Which was still nowhere near as hard as it is gazing into the wistful and hopeful eyes of the animals awaiting someone to take them home. All of my critters - most recently Atticus - have been adopted from the shelter, and every single one of them has been such a wonderful addition to the family (Souchie, Pippen and Bird-Dog).

“Zoos are full, prisons are overflowing... oh my, how the world still dearly loves a cage.” - Maude

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