Friday, January 23, 2015


Cat + Mouse

Oh hey - first week of the supposedly new posting schedule and I'm already sneakin' one up on a Friday anyways. But look this is really important! We here at Nuggets© and Ink & Snow®™ brand humor would like to welcome our newest studio assistant to the little ol' cabin of craziness: introducing young Atticus!

"Oh Hai"

He was found down at the pound last week, and after a few visits he made it quite clear his intentions were to come home with us. Being a very handsome fellah - very orange and full of a one year-old's energy - he was also in big demand with other potential adopters. So I showed up at precisely the minute (1:16pm) he officially became property of the Fairbanks Animal Shelter and - YESH! - won the drawing for the prize of a purr-fect partner. Which, seeing as how he's evidently an enthusiastic paws-on kinda person, looks from these snapshots as if these will pretty soon be an uptick in the kitty cartoon department...

"Here - lemmee help... use my I-PAWed"

After an unfortunate extended incarceration (due to a holiday weekend) he made the requisite side-trip to the vet for that all-important operation, and then on to his new home. Equilibrium has been achieved in so far as diplomatic relations with the old man of the cabin; being twenty years his senior Souchie administered a couple judicious biffs and soon the poofy-tails + caterwauls all went away. Now it's back to the drawing board... (savvy readers can get a bonus sneak-peek at some upcoming panels from the sketchbooks) well, after just a few more games of fetch... and okay maybe just one more quick snuggle...

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  1. Such a good looking cat! And Atticus is a great name. He looks very, very, very happy! Congrats!