Saturday, January 24, 2015

Fuzzy Models

One the heels of our Life Drawing class field-trip to the animal shelter (see previous post here) we had a very special guest visit to the studio: Nathan of TOPAD brought along Yukon and Phineas to pose for some sketches. We got to learn about therapy versus assistance dogs, the regiment of training that goes into an impressive list of duties and commands that they master, and what an "English Cream" Golden Retriever is. Besides cute, that is. In between snuggles + treats we got a range of poses that utilized basic hand gestures so as to incorporate both human figure + animal for our studies. Always a great opportunity when drawing anything new to learn more about other people and the things that they do. The act of making art is so often disconnected from the everyday flow of activities and events that surround us: for many artists the established pattern is a habitual retreat from things, ensconced in a buffer zone, detached and apart, as opposed to immersion amidst the movement and noise of life. Hence my take on teaching a "Life" Drawing course.

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