Saturday, August 1, 2015

Berry the Beaver + Biannual Bonus Beavs

First up on this installment of Castor canadensis-themed posts is my favorite of the year: a recent purchase by the young Finn Mason, who - given the family lodge of talent - comes from quite the creative gene pool

The piece currently occupies a conspicuous place of honor in the computer cubbyhole, propped up on a growing pile of movies (plus a peek at the current kick for both Terrence Malick and Coen Brothers classics - not to mention Rock & Bullwinkle). But on a more serious note, let us not forget the awesome power of this animal to inflict environmental change and thereby affect the lives of people:
"Matanuska Electric Association spokeswoman Julie Estey says a tree chewed down by a bearer fell onto power lines. The tree knocked out power to a few dozen customers on Willow Fishhook Road."

A charming memento ((hat-tip tail-slap to Anita) from a visit to one of Canada's Provincial Parks: the "dentally defective rat" is not only their national emblem, but will now adorn a new "beaver-centric" re-tail line of fashionable apparel.

Speaking of serious (hat-tip tail-slap to Tim), we have another cautionary tail of tragedy and woe with a beaver attacking a kayaker:
"I heard my name called out from the shop and I ran out the door to see a guy getting pulled into the water," Reynolds said, describing the attack. "It was like watching a horror film."

As a counterpoint to such grim reminders about the perilous nature of wild animals, here's my contribution to continuing the artistic tradition of anthropomorphizing cute lil' characters. An uncanny resemblance I do say so myself.

And a hat-tip tail-slap to Phyllis, who illustrates a practical solution to the common kitchen dilemma as to exactly just how to go about ensuring your beaver skull is completely free of any unsightly blemishes. I just mentally keep hearing Madge The Manicurist “You’re soaking your …” followed by a scream.

As with many, many things, I tend to get side-tracked and start doing stuff solely on account of it just simply amusing me, and having nothing to do whatsoever with the original intent or parameters. In this case we have a complete corruption of a call for entry for local artists to submit designs for adorning our downtown storm drains. Needless to say I had fun with the concept, but given the residual, subconscious fears from Tim Curry's classic portrayal of the iconic It, my idea stayed in the sewer... until such a time as it will be able to float...

A momentous hat-tip tail-slap to Jeff for his proud accomplishment in achieving the coveted Boy Scout award of The Silver Beaver. Inquiring minds wanna know if there is in fact a Gold Beaver... or even a Platinum Beaver. And yes, these are the questions that gnaw away at me deep inside.

Another hat-tip tail-slap to Robz for sharing this image of a gourmand's delight available at fine Buc-ee's locations everywhere. We'll try and ignore how much they closely resemble little castor glands and concentrate instead on the carmel + butter-glazed goodness. Mmmm...

One final hat-tip tail-slap to Nayana & Rhonda for the absolute, very best b-day/xmas card I ever got in my whole entire life:

Whelp, that's all for this biannual installment of all things Castor canadensis related - keep 'em coming as I truly enjoy being the repository of beaver bulletins. Chews the News!

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