Friday, November 28, 2014

Hiyo Diply Folks!

A friend (h/t Heather) tagged me that one of my panels found its way to a Diply post: always appreciate the visitors - and esp. a helpful hyperlink! That in particular is something exceptionally rare today to see when ripping off artists: full credit, as usually the signatures are cropped off or recaptioned etc. Even one of the other three cartoon panels posted in this Diply piece still had the original copyright included along with mine. But hey - here's another free idea to compliment the article... maybe add another "common fact you should probably know" to the list: copyright!

One might think a website with millions of hits a day and "one of the top 500 most-viewed websites in the world" could afford to maybe tip a wee bit, especially when using the creative content of others to further bolster its advertising revenue. There is a depressing amount of similar websites which don't actually appear to make anything themselves, just leech off the work of others.

These folks are owned by GoViral Inc. which in turn is owned by AOL, so maybe a cut from all the ads it's selling on the same page of "the fastest growing website in Internet history" could be doable. Swiping like this is on a much different scale than, say, making a photocopy from the newspaper to stick on the cubicle wall or a simple share on Facebook ... in fact, it's piracy. Yarrr!

That said, I suppose I shouldn't seem ungrateful for all the exposure, as I did notice my site traffic counter skyrocket what with the dozens of new, unique visits.
Okay, I exaggerate: twenty-three.

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