Saturday, November 29, 2014


Okay: I totally got called out on this one, by a nerd state biologist who emailed me with the following correction:
"Technically, a seal is wearing a dry-suit; the seal’s skin is impermeable to water. Also, if a seal was truly equipped with a man-made wet-suit, it would serve to create another cold water layer against the skin because the seal’s internal warmth is naturally insulated by the blubber under its external integument."
Fortunately the general public is about as knowledgeable on such details as your average cartoonist (I hope). It was a good catch though. But seeing as how those are obviously Hawaiian Monk Seals, and hence in a much warmer climate. So the only thing actually wrong with the cartoon would be the errant ice floe. So nyeah. (Cough, cough)

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