Sunday, September 28, 2014

Slick Outside!

'Tis the Season: A friendly little PSA from all of us at Nuggets®™

   It was an unexpected bonus to have this little doodle done early in the week on one frosty morn, and then after posted on Facebook watch it go relatively "viral" (which always makes me think of an infectious plague). Some small satisfaction in knowing tens upon tens of thousands of people maybe got a meta-message under the guise of an innocuous cartoon. And yet another example of the three-part harmony in marketing one's work as an artist: in person, in print and on-line.  

   On a more somber note, earlier this month a moose was killed just around the corner from us. Probably one of the most saddest sounds I've ever heard was a few days after, later at night, hearing the yearling in our back woods plaintively calling, lost and alone.

   Slow down, please. The neighbors will thank you.


  1. Aw man, that's sad about the yearling.

    Great cartoon, though. Slow down, folks!

  2. I was gonna post a pic of the dead body on the side of the road with blood everywhere - I was mad enough to stop and take a snapshot as a cautionary image, but a cute, funny cartoon maybe accomplishes the same job, with less trauma.
    "Some 700 to 800 moose are bludgeoned to death by motor vehicles each year in Alaska. ... To put Alaska’s moose-vehicle collisions in perspective, in recent years motor vehicle collisions from all causes have ranged from about 10,000 to 13,000 incidents annually. Motor vehicles hit moose two to three times as often as they run over pedestrians and bicyclists combined. - Rick Sinnott, Alaska Dispatch News, 1/27/13