Friday, September 5, 2014

Shows: 50th Anniversary Of The Wilderness Act + Faculty Exhibit

Excerpted teaser from the original on display
I'm honored to have been invited to contribute a piece for tonight's 1st Friday exhibition (opening is from 5-8pm) at the Morris Thompson Cultural & Visitor's Center in downtown Fairbanks, hosted by the local office of the Alaska Public Lands Information Centers. Dovetailing with "Voices Of The Wilderness," a traveling exhibit celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge will be showcased for this particular display, which is ostensibly the subject matter of my own pen & ink + watercolor wash panel created especially for this show. Hey, it's only the single most happiest piece I've ever done, so, just sayin'.

If yer in this neck of the woods please stop by to say hello and check out some of the many other works on display - in particular some truly epic imagery from photographer Jeff Jones. Coming from my history of trekking hundreds of miles across the Brooks Range and other wilderness areas across Alaska, I personally have yet to see someone come even close to capturing the totality of the experience like these pieces do. Short of actually being out there immersed in the place in person, they are bar none the best at depicting the vastness of scale in these panoramas. Of particular note are areas of deep cast shadows which help describe the pictorial depth of field much better than the usual money-shot landscape centerfolds that are much more common representations of these areas. Having such aspects included in the composition adds an aesthetic richness and depth that I wish more artists would be aware of and incorporate into their work.

Photograph by Jeff Jones

Given that this particular series is tucked away inside the Federal Building, it's a rare opportunity for the general public to enjoy these pieces in a more accessible setting. And there will be a sampling of other works on display for the rest of the month if you can't make the opening tonight.

And there's also a spiffy exhibit up in the UAF Fine Art Complex's gallery of assorted faculty works, including a few funnies of mine. Following the recent experience with the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner raffling off an original as a fundraiser for Newspapers In Education, I was impressed at the presentation of the piece, and had the folks at the Art Center frame up a few more for me. There is a certain sublime irony at having the framing eclipse the cost of the original, but they sure look amazing and professional now. That show's up for the rest of the month as well, so if you happen to be on campus, drop in and check it out.

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