Friday, August 15, 2014

Vignettes: 2014 Summer Session Drawing

Here's a few teaser images from the new Pinterest board where I've been posting student samples of the pen & ink critique pieces (a three-page vignette using image + text: historical backlinks on the assignment and process here, here and here).

One of the things I really dig is gauging how some students in the comics class could benefit from a basic beginning drawing course - and many a time the opposite is observed, when there are a few folks in drawing who would quite possibly enjoy making the transition into sequential art. This particular phase in drawing happens to dovetail quite nicely with the world of comic arts and serves as an experimental introduction to the juxtaposition of image + text.
Probably one of the most potent meta-lessons to drawn from this particular point in the course and meriting special attention during the critique was how the students pieces were simultaneously being shown in three completely different arenas: the original works were displayed up on the departmental hallway showcases; the reproductions were printed in the publication which everyone had in their physical hands for review; and they also existed on-line in a virtual portfolio. There is simply no better demonstration of the power and reach of images to be disseminated in multiple formats.

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