Saturday, August 16, 2014

"Doctor Poo: The Turdis"

A side-note again on the reach of the internet: since my post about the first podcast linked to an image showing the Doctor Poo doodle in my sketchbook, that meant folks got an inadvertent preview of the upcoming panel - so I went ahead and posted it to Facebook, along with a link to the relevant issue of Digital Beards. Then it wound up getting shared all over the place, in fact, within twelve hours it was potentially seen by half as many eyeballs as the total high-end circulation of the newspaper (weekday edition = 16k). I usually limit posting of panels over there on Facebook to just the ballpoint-pen versions of panels, and it can be a somewhat useful barometer in helping gauge the relative interest and/or effectiveness of a particular image or concept (...still would have drawn it anyways). So to my complete surprise this comparatively obscure one was surprisingly well received... whooda thunk it?

So the doodle was itself digitally tweaked by combining the butt-sniffing K-9/husky duo within the tardis panel, which gave me an inkling on how the overall compositional elements. As you'll see I wound up going with a symmetrical layout instead so as to balance everything out.
One can really see the successive, shifted panel borders (both in width & height) as I kept expanding the composition to accommodate resized elements. As I'm fond of repeating to drawing students, the first lines put down on a piece of paper are usually not the right ones, and certainly won't be the last. Part of the process in visually feeling out the way across a composition.

There were actually a fair number of little digital tweaks: lengthen the height of the both the outhouse + the Doctor, shifting both to the right (duplicating the middle patch of grass, pasting it & flipping it), also cropping in the right-hand edge of the panel so as to balance it out with the distance between the Tartus and the left edge of the panel border, raising the top edge of the panel border up a wee bit for some visual breathing room, dropped the butt-line on the dog, enlarged the "whoops!" speech balloon, and embiggened the Doctor's feet a bit.

Also patched up all the missing lines, cleaned up the overall scan, redistributed some of the stippling that got covered up by all the moving around, lengthened the Doctor's arm + added the signature hat, added another panel to K-9, and opted to do the "Police Box" in a font as opposed to the illegible hand-lettering, and lastly split the original caption box that containing both "Doctor Poo" + The Turdis into two lines of verbage.

The last was ostensibly to better facilitate a sequential interpretation of the panel, but it had a practical use when, as compared to the final print version of the panel (posted first up above), the caption text below the panel was totally deleted. This means it's less easier to "get" for a non-Whovian, but it simultaneously cleaned it up enough to run in the family-friendly newspaper, though at the loss of a couple good/bad secondary puns.
Which reminds me: Bonus repost of an old experimental advanced-doodle:

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