Saturday, January 4, 2014

"Log In"

This panel expresses the innermost, primal urges when dealing with technological advances in today's modern culture in a most subtle, nuanced manner. More versions below the fold...

Here's the original doodle done while in bed at 3am after unsuccessfully attempting to log in to a website using Safari on an iPhone. Below is a secondary thumbnail sketched out as a classroom demo while talking about basic elements of composition and use of linear perspective in "setting the stage."

Lastly is the original pen + ink piece hit up with some watercolor wash so as to create  a a version worth framing and hanging. In the outhouse maybe, or perhaps in a studio/cubicle right next to the monitor.


  1. heh, ...i love this. Wish I could do it to my own computer screen, but not necessarily cause of the 'log-in'.

  2. Thanks... it was a toss-up between beavers or a Dall sheep ramming it, which is the other instinct.

  3. The Dall sheep technique only works if you have enough RAM.