Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Year's Beavers

It's the first Castor canadensis-themed blog entry of the year! Hooray!
...more below the fold...

Ironic that a "natural products" awareness campaign would pick out a beaver gland secretion as something icky when there is a host of ingredients that are far worse - and most definitely not "natural." But I do love the logo (Hat-tip Robert).

Classic: Another excellent rendering of the aquatic rodent by the estimable Jeff Pert of Maine: see his galleries of gags here and here.

Via Pleated Jeans (hat-tip Lisa) comes the work of illustrator Mica Angela Hendricks, who did a fantastic collaborative project with her youngster finishing off a series of drawings. I'm particularly fond of the sample posted above - but go look at everything she does... amazing!

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