Friday, January 3, 2014

Jeanne Mars Armstrong: How Not to Die Hunting in Alaska

A local (retired) educator, fellow artist, former student and cartoonist Jeanne Mars Armstrong will have both a show of her works this month at our independent bookstore, Gulliver's Books, plus a signing at this evening's "First Friday" opening reception from 5-8pm of a new book that boasts her spiffy illustrations!
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I'm a big fan of her easy line, cheerful colors and whimsical style: earlier last year I got a special preview of all the drawings and a few of the accompanying stories, written by the book's author, Ronald L. Smith. See this article for more about him.... though I gotta admit my personal bias for gravitating to the pictures. I was flattered and honored to be asked for a testimonial, and you'd think for all the one-liner captions I've come up with over the years it would have been easy concocting just a single, simple blurb, but no - I pole-vaulted over the proverbial moose nugget trying to get just the right words together. But when it's honest and comes from the heart - or in this case maybe more like a big ol' belly laugh - it was pretty easy, especially since I can relate firsthand with many of the depicted events with my own Alaskan backcountry experiences. So I bestowed it with the highest honor one ever could when it comes to enshrining reading material...

“This one’s going in my outhouse! Jeanne Armstrong’s funny pictures brought back both a big grin and also all the times when I found myself in similar silly situations: anybody who’s spent any time out in the Bush – or even just the bushes – surely can relate to the ridiculous scenarios she sketches out around these tales.” – Jamie Smith, creator of “Nuggets” cartoon

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