Saturday, July 20, 2013

Overflow XXV: Teaser #3


We interrupt the regular weekly funnies to bring you another update on more of the mysterious doings being cryptically hinted at here over the past week.
It's been since 1999 that I pulled a squeegee and printed up these classic "Homesick Alaskan" refrigerator magnets. Over the intervening years they've been the number-one most commonly requested item whenever I do a book signing, seeing as how our state inevitably has a lot of transient residents - virtually everybody knows somebody personally who's a refugee ...and can't wait to migrate home.
A very special thanks to the folks at Trademark the Screenprinters who gave crucial tech support and antique materials when resurrecting the lost art of manually printing these nostalgic accoutrements. Theses and other special offerings will be available at an upcoming event which I'll reveal in tomorrow's post.

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