Friday, July 19, 2013

Fresh & Sexy: Sharpening Pencils & Felling Trees on Mars

Beaver pencil sharpener by rodrigo torres kastor for alessi

Quite possibly the spiffiest thing I've seen on the internet yet this year. The only possible modification to the design would be where the shavings come out. Still, this is a thing of beauty merged with function.
As opposed the image below, reposted from a Facebook friend, which despite not having a translation still says something...
*Update: according to my source it relates to the continuing escapades of Vladimir Putin who has been in training to be a role model for endangered red cranes in Siberia (hat-tip to Igor).

And, of course, any Castor canadensis post would be remiss without mention of Playtex's new head-scratching marketing campaign:
"Playtex's Fresh + Sexy Intimate Wipes are basically adult baby wipes: they're marketed towards people who want to "freshen up" before and after sex. Although they're for both genders, they're mostly marketed towards women because ladies are particularly self-conscious about their genitals, thanks to advertising campaigns such as this one which remind us that we'll only get action if we have pleasingly nondescript barbie vaginas."

... as opposed to ones that run afoul of those dam humans when trying to put up the only kind of containment booms that nature intended (hat-tip tail-slap John):

Last but not least in terms of its implications (hat-tip tail-slap to Laura), comes this from the Red Planet: home to Little Green Beavers?
“There is one creature on earth for the development of whose counterpart the supposed Martian conditions would be ideal. That animal is the beaver. It is either land-living or water-living. It has a fur coat to protect it from the 100 degrees below zero of the Martian night.” - Popular Science (May 1930)

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