Monday, May 16, 2011

"The Homesick Alaskan"

Probably one of the top three signature panels I ever got known for, and one of the first cartoons to appear in print (1986 and again in 1988) after moving to the Interior. If it's one thing about Alaska, it seems that almost everybody was originally from somewhere else: many of the residents are either transient or transplants having roots from far away: so folks are always coming or going, so lots of people can relate.  And local or not, once you leave you'll always want to go back - something I can certainly understand.
Can't believe I was able to actually dig out the original from storage, and that it was still in fairly decent shape - enough to get a high-quality scan off of, and use as the flagship kickoff design at the Printfection store.


  1. This cartoon has been on my refrigerator for nearly twenty years...that is when I left Alasks. Great cartoon!

  2. Thanks Larry!
    Don't know which is worse - that I haven't drawn anything funnier in twenty years or that you haven't cleaned yer damn fridge yet...

  3. Twenty years ago we posted this cartoon on our refrigerator because we had five hungry teenagers at home. They always had the refrigerator door open looking for more to eat. Later I photocopied it and sent it to each of them when they were in college. I still have the original somewhere too.

  4. When I was a chef in the Lower 48 back in the day I used to go stand in the kitchen freezer to remind me of home. I think only an Alaskan would do that.