Friday, July 12, 2013

Commission: Alaska Librarians NEVER Retire...

Here's the print version of a commissioned panel: may or may not run also ran as the weekly feature - be nice if it did as the subject (and recipient of the original as a retirement gift) is widely known and appreciated throughout the community, and the more folks who see it the more known it will be how grateful a lot of us are. And just plain old lucky: he's marshaled the Fairbanks North Star Borough public library to a splendid collection that boasts of thousands of sequential art titles: from comics, graphic novels to anthologies of contemporary and historical creators.

Doodle done over the phone: stream-of-consciousness doodle while free-associating concepts: the core idea is there, but you can see the on-the-fly editing with the verbage happening.

This manifestation came about a couple days after the doodle, actually done while at a bar trying to explain the idea for the project, also doubled a a recomposition of elements. Following the mental thread helps to tease out more possibilities - either that or everything starts to unravel!

The color wash original included a few customized touches, such some favored titles culled from the Carl Barks archives, and a hat-tip to maritime artist Geoff Hunt.

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